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Sunday Sauce - Those were the 'daze' (Part 2)

Published:Sunday | March 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Oxy Moron, Contributor

Last week, we published the first part of a reader's account of her childhood memories of Kingston (in its original form). She intends to write a 'collom', so she wants to know what we think of her work.

Well, she was a hit! Readers loved her and wanted to hear more from her, so today we give you the second part of her first piece. Only a few full stops were inserted for easy reading.

"As a child i can remember, my self and other children going to this place on

Harbour Street, to get Molassie. The people in Ray Town was very fussy about dressing up their Children, like on a sunday evenings. Parents would get their kids all dressed up, to go for a walk on Harbour Street. I ad a lot of fun, Stopping at Cremo, to buy Dry Ice, where we would smoke it.

'mirkle bank hotel'

"Then there was Mirkle Bank Hotel, Gleaner Company.

Harbour Street was mouth watering. I can remember when

alot of ships would dock at the Warves, then you would see the Sailors, and

Large amount of Tourist,

on Harbour Street. Then there would be Those

Jamaicans Selling all kinds of Craft and jamaican suvineers. it Was busy and exciting. Then there was the Old Craft market with a fountain near by.

"Christmas time was exiting. Every Year there would be a much

Taller Christmas

Tree In victoria park. I can remember Christmas Eve. there was not much robbers, then The girls would get their dollies, and

the Boys get guns, Cow Boy suit and hats.

"Ray Town was no douth the Cream on the top of Kingston. I understand Mutaburaka is from Ray Town, Plus another Famous Poet. Back in those Days, People would leave there doors open. There was a love between the people where, when one cook they would share with their neighbour. Then early morning, people woud go down to the Sea to get that early morning Sea Bath. Most of the folks from Ray Town were good swimmers.

'tramp car'

"My Granfather use to Drive

Tramp Car. He was a

McLeod. Kingston was a real Beauty. People in the Country would Treat coming to kingston like How people treat going to America. I think the people in Ray Town and those in Port Royal ad a lot in common.

it was peacefull.

Folks would

just walk to the Market, and purchace fresh food, Not to mention you would have folks from St Thomas, come with all kinds of crop where they would stay on the top of Laws Street and sell them.


venders who would push their cart selling, everything, ground food, fish, ice cream. There was no Kentucky Chicken, or Burger King, ect, or much Bugler Bars, and no pile of Security Guards. Back then

I borrow Bersee Sammond. Those Were The Days. I have some intresting story

about trench Town, As i was among the Late Robert Nesta Marley in the studio, when he recorded
Guava Jelly
Trench Town Rock
. i have stuff to tell about him and good things."

South Parade in Kingston in 1971.