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A city rocked

Published:Sunday | March 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

A devastating earthquake rocked

Haiti's capital; on each block

The buildings tumbled as they locked

The people in a state of shock

Rescue teams from all around

The world rushed in to help and found

A city flattened to the ground

Wails from all corners resound

Some with just their hands and eyes

And ears and feet followed the cries

Of helpless victims trapped inside

The piles of rubble on the roadside

And using tools that weren't man-made

These brave souls rushed in and saved

Who they could while foreign aid

Dispatched supplies the victims craved

A little boy rescued from the quake

Did not extend his hand to shake

His rescuers' hand but he did make

His hands stretch out for gladness sake

The bright smile on his little face

Illuminated the ravaged place,

Which seemed to have left him unfazed,

As the world looked on amazed

But there were many who weren't so blessed;

Homes, families, everything - wrecked.

Hoards of bodies laid to rest

On city streets, removed unchecked

For weeks some areas were unknown

Survivors, destitute, on their own

Till a foreign contingent discovered their zone

Citizens relieved, no longer alone

Port-au-Prince's homeless shot to 100 per cent

People were living like Jesus in Lent

Eventually people were given tents,

But the suffering was still intense

When food and water rained from the sky

Important officials made an outcry

Logistics also went awry

But soon after some order came by

Though devastation and death surround,

To the Lord, the survivors made a joyful sound

Days after a date they'll cite again and again

January 12, 2010.

- Jullie-Ann Sparks