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In-house drug bust

Published:Monday | March 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

WEEKS AFTER a rash of corruption cases hit the police, four ancillary workers connected with the narcotics division have been hit with drug charges.

The quartet - all civilians attached to the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division (TCND) - was arrested and charged Saturday for larceny and illegal possession of drugs by members of the TCND.

A statement issued last night from police spokesman Karl Angell said members of the TCND were on Saturday destroying marijuana and cocaine as part of routine operations following the conclusion of court cases when it was discovered that several parcels of cocaine were missing.

The missing drugs were found in the possession of the four civilian workers.

String of cases

More than 60 cops were charged with corruption in 2009, a fact that continues to tarnish the image of a constabulary already burdened with the responsibility of beating back the tide of bloodshed - among other crimes - that saw a record 1,680 murders last year.

Just last month, four persons - including a police sergeant - were charged in connection with the seizure of 19 guns and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition on Munster Road in eastern St Andrew.

Sergeant Russell Robinson has been charged with 18 counts of illegal possession of a firearm, four counts of breaching the Corruption Prevention Act, one count of illegal possession of ammunition and one count of storehouse breaking and larceny.

From the conviction of Superintendent Harry 'Bungles' Daley last year and the recruitment of a fake cop in Montego Bay for the lotto scam, to a stolen-car racket at the Ramble Police Station in Hanover, the network of cop criminals has fanned out and become more sinister.

But what makes the Munster Road and TCND cases more stark is the alleged involvement of civilians - in league with cops, or acting independently - in stealing evidence or smuggling weapons.