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Campbell scores historic win

Published:Monday | March 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Campbell: I am glad. Ian Allen/Staff Photographer

MT IRVINE, Tobago:

Kemoy Campbell stole the spotlight with a historic victory as Jamaica's junior team secured an overall third-place finish at Saturday's North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Cross Country Championships at the Mount Irvine Golf Course in Tobago.

In the junior boys 6K, Campbell became the first runner from the Caribbean to win the event at the championship, which is in its sixth year.

Campbell's victory was achieved in an impressive 17:59.9.

"Last year, I did not do well because of a slight back injury, but this year I came back stronger and I won, so I am glad," he said.

Ideal conditions

The event was run on a hilly course in very sunny conditions, much to Campbell's liking.

"I love running in the sun and the heat was pretty good, so it paid off for me," he admitted.

Andre Hosey (19:35.8 - 12th), Rogeek Rochester (19:45.6 - 13th) and Kevin White (20:13.0 - 19th) also contributed to Jamaica's third-place finish.

Canada won the overall title ahead of the United States.

Meanwhile, in the girls' section, Jamaica, with Natoya Goule (14:37.9 - ninth), Omaya Bailey (14:42.8 - 10th), Shevel McDonald (15:44.7 - 18th) and Jhevere Hall (15:47.4 - 19th), also finished third overall.

Canada again took top honours ahead of the United States in this section.

Goule said although she found running over the hills difficult, she could have done better.

"I could have won, but I think I ran the first half too hard," said Goule.

"I think I could have done much better, run at least 13 minutes, but it's God's will so I am happy," she added.

Usa wins

In the senior sections, Jamaica, with two competitors each, were never in contention for a main prize.

Damion Bent (26:19.3 - 12th) and Kevin Campbell (27:21.9 - 18th) competed in the men's 8K, while Twishana Williams (23:36.6 - 10th) did fairly well in the women's 6K.

Tanice Barnett, Jamaica's other female competitor, did not finish because of a knee injury.

The USA won both senior sections ahead of Mexico.