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Published:Tuesday | March 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Resist US bully tactics

Americans are the kindest people in the world, probably the most generous in history.

Given the power, the bureaucrat suddenly changes into an autocrat so aptly described by author Graham Green as the "Ugly American".

Their request for the extradition of a Jamaican is legally flawed as the "evidence" in Jamaican law was illegally obtained and therefore inadmissible.

The report written on Jamaica is a blatant and crass attempt to strong-arm and bully our authorities. The reference to marijuana is hypocrisy as the USA produces several times more of the "weed" than Jamaica and in some states legally, example California. This product is of course grown for consumption in the USA.

Jamaica does not manufacture guns and the USA will not implement appropriate laws to curtail the sale of arms.

We must resist their ominous threat to impose their will on us. We must stand up for what is honourable and not quiver.

The average American is still the most decent, likeable and fair-minded soul and is still our best friend.

- Courtney Ilgner

Kingston 8

God endorses hanging

Denroy Palmer in his letter of March 8 chided pastors and those who call for hanging in Jamaica. His article would make a nice motivational pep talk for some youngsters who wanted some encouragement for moving forward in life but I don't see in what way he has convinced
readers that hanging would in no way solve our crime problems.

I think the time has come when we should forget the emotional hype attached to the debate over hanging and reason the issue more logically. And what about pastors calling for hanging, Mr Palmer? Have you not read in the Bible: "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth"? God is a big subscriber to capital punishment.

When humanity sinned (broke God's laws),God forgave them but the consequence of their action remained. Romans 6:23 "The wages of sin is death." So somebody had to die as a payment for that sin. God is a God of love, forgiveness and mercy; but he is just as equal a God of justice.

Forgive the hardened criminals for acts of slowly annihilating the race in Jamaica, but hang them and carry out the law on our books.

- Dave A. McFarlane