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Published:Tuesday | March 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Dr Carol Archer (left), dean of the faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, and Gleaner director, accepts the President's Award from Incorporated Masterbuilders Award president, Raymond Cooper, on behalf of the university, during Saturday night's annual awards banquet, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.- Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer
Maurice Lazarus looks regal in his African-themed ensemble. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Kim Mair cuddles her daughter Gabrielle at the Hope Links and Lyme. - photos by Colin Hamilton/freelance photographer
Baby Alhendra Butler looks ready to jump with mummy Alicia Allen's help at the Hope Links and Lyme at Hope Gardens on Sunday.


The 82nd Academy Awards attracted millions of viewers around the world on Sunday night. Follow our 'Social' pages this week for some of the fashion hits and misses.


... for Gleaner pollster's wedding

Celebrity split

1 People out west are still trying to determine what caused the split between the celebrity couple. Some family healing is being attempted to repair raw nerves but, as far as a reconciliation is concerned, friends say that is not on the cards.

Dark streets

2 Note is taken of how dark some of our streets have become. Since Government still holds a stake in the light-and-power company, one wonders what is the obligation to illuminate streets and public places. This has to be seen as a security concern.

Another earful!

3 The headline-seeking one is shying away from the topic of the day. Apparently he does not want to get another earful of expletives like the one delivered nearly two weeks ago. Reports say all utterances are keenly monitored and the hired hands are not shy to deliver the notes from the boss.

Lottery scam

4 Police implicated in lottery scam, police implicated in car-stealing racket, police implicated in gunrunning, police implicated in drug smuggling, etc. How then can we ever hope to solve crime when so many of the persons who have sworn to serve and protect are doing the opposite?


Mothers and children spent quality time at the Hope Links and Lyme at Hope Gardens on Sunday.