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David vs Goliath

Published:Tuesday | March 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

Much has been written, and countless opinions have been offered on the Christopher Coke extradition issue. He has become a very polarising figure in the Jamaican consciousness. I don't know the man, and had not even seen a picture of him until one was published recently in
The Sunday Gleane

The impasse between the two governments is at best David against Goliath and I wonder if many people are in the dark as to how badly this one is going to end. Everybody and his uncle has an opinion, and the prime minister, to his credit, is still holding firm in his resolve to protect the rights of a citizen.

The only person that I haven't heard from yet is Mr Coke himself. I wonder, if this matter gets resolved this week, what his reaction would be. Is he going to heave a sigh of relief, then head to the nearest police station and peacefully surrender? Or is he going to hiss his teeth and call out his supporters, barricade his garrison and dare the police to come get him.

Somehow I think the second scenario is more likely to play out. How many innocent lives are going to be lost before this is resolved?

I hope that Mr Golding is as resolute in protecting the defenceless, as he is about Mr Coke's rights.

I am, etc.,


Illinois, USA