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Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Nothing but absurd

The suggestion that Jamaica should withdraw from the West Indies Cricket Board and go it alone in international cricket is absurd. This would only weaken the West Indies cricket team. Furthermore, I do not think that the Jamaica cricket team is strong enough to compete on the international level, we would be mauled by teams like Australia, South Africa, England, India and New Zealand. Mr Paul Campbell is right, stay in the union and help to develop West Indies cricket to the point where we can again be champions of the world.

- Kerith Golden

Kingston 9.

Congrats Mrs Kong

I would be loath not to use this opportunity to offer my congratulations to Yvonne Kong on her stellar career in education.

I had the privilege of being a student of Mrs Kong during her tenure at Bethlehem Teachers' Training College during the early eighties.

I reminisce with great pleasure her methodologies, her accommodating nature to young adults and the great respect she garnered from the entire student population and members of the local Malvern community.

As an 18-year-old first year student then, and with limited transportation available in the rural area, Mrs Kong would be more than willing to either make herself available to give rides to sporting events or shopping trips or simply hand over the keys to her blue Ford Escort.

I can safely allude to the fact that having had Yvonne as an early mentor has certainly influenced a positive attitude which has tremendously facilitated my carving out better niches in life.

- Greg Hylton

Toronto, Ontario

Why directors?

Why are director generals necessary in ministries? I see here that there is a financial secretary and a director general in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service!

- Guest

Another Haiti?

I have come to believe that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is doing more harm to Jamaica than they are doing good. I was never one to believe in politics but in the last few years I have watched and analyse this JLP government. I think they should not be voted in, well not with Bruce Golding at the head and also get fresh blood in the party. Something is fundamentally wrong with their style of leadership. They are trying to make Jamaica become another Haiti.

- Mike