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Treadmill workout

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The treadmill has revolutionised the conditions, time and place for walking, jogging or running. This exercise machine is comfortable, safe and efficient and, in addition, will give your cardiovascular system a good workout. Its usefulness doesn't stop there as it is one of the best activities you can do to burn calories and lose weight.

The treadmill is made to reduce the risks of injury during your workout. As a matter of fact, you will do your workout on a soft surface that provides a low-impact exercise experience. The treadmill is an excellent equipment that can help you establish a consistent pace for your workout which is critical if you are trying to burn calories efficiently and lose weight.

It's a calorie counter

The treadmill provides useful data on the distance walked or jogged. It will give you updates on the number of calories expended during the routine. A good treadmill will afford you the opportunity to set your goals and track your progress daily or over an extended period of time. The treadmill will also provide you with a choice of programmes compatible with your workout.

You can manually control the speed, incline to your pace or tempo and set your routine according to your specific level of fitness and track your progress. With all the variety that is available you can vary your programme to motivate yourself to improve your condition and enjoy the experience. With the 'do it yourself option' all you need to do is select the programme of your choice and start exercising. You can then make the programme as challenging as you wish.

Exercisers with injuries

People who have ambulatory difficulties, orthopaedic conditions or are just resuming exercising after an injury will find the treadmill very useful. The treadmill is a very effective modality for preventing, treating and rehabilitating hip and knee problems. Some treadmills will allow you to store information from previous workout sessions so that you can benchmark your activities. This can be an excellent motivator for you to continue your exercise pursuit.

Treadmills are now smaller, making them more suitable for use at home. Those who can afford to have one at home will no longer have the challenges of time, weather, transportation, traffic or security especially when it is lonely or dark. Just get a treadmill at home.

Dr Kenneth Gardner is an exercise physiologist at Holiday Hills Research Center; email: