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LETTER OF THE DAY - Full time we stand up to the US

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

When it comes to law enforcement, the United States acts as if Jamaica is the 51st state. The last time I checked, we got Independence in 1962 from England, not them. Any way you look at it, we are a sovereign nation.

In obtaining evidence against Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, the United States violated Jamaican law and expects our judicial system to comply. If such an incident was to take place in the USA, the accused would be walking free. I do not support wrongdoing but it would be a violation of human rights to pack a citizen of an independent nation and send him to the USA.

It is pass due time that someone stands up to their bullying. Being that those in the PNP are questioning the prime minister's action, it clearly shows they do not have the interest of our citizens at heart.

We need leaders who are not afraid of saying no to big bully America. The people of Jamaica need to remember the American justice system can't be trusted and will do anything possible to make a case. Let us not forget they are yet to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I'm sure we all remember, as the whole world watched, as they sat and lied and presented fake evidence to support their ridiculous claim. This was all done so they could have invaded Iraq for oil.

Knowing this about America, should we send one of our citizens there before letting them show what evidence they have to support their claim? Well, that is what the USA is hoping for, but the prime minister said no and the PNP says otherwise. People of Jamaica, what do you say? Let us remember that a man is innocent until proven guilty and, if that is true, then I support the prime minister's decision.

I am etc.,