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We are killing each other

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor,

Many words are not needed to express how disappointed I am with the operations at public hospitals and the unfairness to us as a people. Quite recently, my aunt died. Her death could have been prevented but it goes to show how heartless we are as a people, simply because (to the persons who gave a cold shoulder, and could have assisted) the person feeling the pain is not a family member; or not known ... or have no 'links'; and is not as important as others.


Complaining for seconds, which turned to minutes, and amazingly into hours was a lady who usually put the needs of others before her own. She was taken to one of our public hospitals and was seeking immediate medical help, but was neglected because of the reasons listed above.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, having received the call while teaching a class; How could this be real? How could one who is always taking care of others not be cared for? How could ...? Why would ...? But why ...? These were some of the questions that were flowing through my mind. She was feeling pain, a severe pain that needed attention immediately but ... the nurses, the doctors ... all were too busy doing nothing to care.

The Jamaican society depicts a game, a game that is unfair, only the rich or the known can survive this game.

I write this to let my voice be heard, to show us up as a people, to bring the mirror before us. Why are we so unfair to even those who fall in our categories? What is the gain?

We are killing each other slowly, by trying to get to the top ... not knowing the top is reserved already for - the one left standing. It is all a game, with only one winner ... who will it be? It cannot be the lower class ... clearly, that group is destroying itself; the middle class is being stifled, as those at the top are making no room for the average, and the upper class who, like the lower class, are at each other's throat trying to get comfortable in the top seat. But who will emerge the winner - it might just be no one, as we might just kill off each other before anyone gets there.

I am, etc.,

Rhosheder Henry