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Debate on sagging pants

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Arrest them!

I do believe that men should be fined for sagging pants. Seeing men in sagging pants in public places is no different from seeing rubbish on the ground or the smell of urine on the walls. It is disgusting and is one of the many signs of the societal decay plaguing this country today. Passing a law to make it illegal will also allow the police more reasonable grounds to search these young men. No progressive persons wear their pants like this, simple as that.

- Omar

Not a good example

Under no circumstances should people wear their pants in such disgraceful way, especially the women. Does that kind of wear amount to an ambitious person? The life you live today will be the same you live tomorrow. Do you want to be a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer or some professional individual? If you wish to pursue such profession, then start your decent life from today, and show a very, very good example to others.

- Winston

Pull up your pants!

Please, Omar, if progressive people could be known by their dress, how would we find the white collar criminal appear. You sound like those who opposed Afros and Dreads in the 70s. I think such a law mirrors laws which existed to prevent Blacks from wearing certain kinds of clothing. I mean how I dress is my business, what is the social benefit if I wear my pants over my navel. This is just a stupid distraction. This law would be another infringement on the rights of the common man. But there are various lessons to be learnt. One is that the poor is oppressed it only leads to social disorder. The lawmakers should pull up their pants! But then again the dons wear the pants around here!

- Maximus