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The reassignment Richard Reese

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Reese, a man of integrity

I do not know the facts surrounding the removal of Richard Reese from his position as Permanent Secretary, but this I do know. He is a very bright, competent, hard working and caring person. He is innovative, has good judgment and an even temperament. Above all he is a man of integrity. He is exactly the type of person that the Ministry of National Security needed. I have worked with Richard and considers him a personal friend.

We have some serious and systemic problems in the public sector, yet he has committed virtually his entire working life to public service. I know that he could have done much better for himself if he had opted to work in the private sector; with far less stress.

I believe in accountability and if he is being replaced because this happened on his watch, then fine. My hope then, is that this would be replicated throughout the government.

- Barrywill

Nothing unusual

Nothing is wrong with this kind of change. I have seen this happen in Canada before. At least, I have seen Cabinet changes within six months, very often. One can have confidence in a person to do a job, but when the person gets the job, they either misstep or just flop. One has to be given a chance, just like it is in any game of sport. To win is a serious thing, but to lose, then someone else will have to be given a chance. So nothing is wrong in moving them around.

- Winston Anderson