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Pay cut for Cayman legislators

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush says he will take a 25 per cent pay cut while his fellow legislators will see their salaries reduced by 20 per cent.

Bush made the announcement last week, saying the members of the United Democratic Party had agreed that elected members of Legislative Assembly must set an example, in the effort to reduce government expenditure, by having representatives' salaries reduced.

The salary and benefits reduction is something Bush also wants civil servants to accept in an effort to address a projected US$56-million combined deficit for core govern-ment and statutory authorities/ government companies.

Share the burden

Bush made it clear he expects the civil servants and other public service workers to share the burden of the expenditure deficit.

"I will not take no for an answer," he said. "They have to take some cuts. This country cannot afford to go belly-up."

The Cayman Islands premier's comments come during the same global economic crisis which has spurred the Bruce Golding adminis-tration to establish a Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU), tasked with creating a more efficient government service in Jamaica.

The PSTU is expected to recom-mend an inevitable cut in the 117,000 public-sector workforce.

The unit, headed by Patricia Sinclair McCalla, has until March 31 to present its final proposal to the Government.

Sinclair McCalla says she is confident, in spite of all that needs to be done, the team will meet the deadline.