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Golden Tongue Award winner lives to inspire

Published:Thursday | March 11, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Crystal Gareave

Crystal Gareave, the inaugural Golden Tongue Award winner, has always been a private individual, her pen and paper the only recipients of her most inner thoughts.

Last Sunday, Gareave broke from her reclusive tradition and submitted one of her poems in the Golden Tongue section of Poetry In Motion, held at Villa Gardens in Mandeville. Her poem, 'Speech 2', topped more than 20 entries to come out on top.

The poem is one of many which she said is aimed at inspiring. It was written five years ago when Gareave said she was making a transition into finding her niche in poetry.

"I've always been very solitary," said Gareave who is now 22. "I didn't have many persons to rely on, so I lived through my poems."

With her pen and paper, Gareave created her own world, embellished with dreams and aspirations, not only for herself, but for her countrymen.

"I love my country. I've always wanted to inspire people and unlock their potential and my poems inspire me and have been unlocking my potential," she said. "There's a lot we can change about our surrounding if we change inwards first."

Gareave, a graduate of Meadowbrook High School, was unable to attend Poetry In Motion last Sunday and will be presented with her prize at the offices of JIIC tomorrow morning. JIIC was the main sponsor of Poetry In Motion.

Gareave admitted that the acknowledgement she has gained from the Golden Tongue competition has inspired her to share her poem with others.


By Crystal Gareave

Open your eyes

To a world of degrees and

doctorates before a long list

of names

Where foolish geniuses

Become champions of

meaningless games

It is our faith that we not rely

On national despondency

Feeding on their pepper

light gifts

That conspicuously lack


It's my lack of words that

hinders me

A reasoned explanation

As to how any government or its


Could even think to harm their

birth gotten nation

What are our cares?

Where are our priorities located?

How can our technology be

first class?

And our minds so outdated?

What are we afraid of?

Let fear not prevail

Let's unlock the handcuffs,

And grant ourselves bail

Who are we hurting when we

believe the lie? That we have no

chance ...

Let us be a team of natural

riches, and not rely on remittance

Invent and innovate

Kill shame to create ...

A new lifestyle of happiness, even mixed with the toil of pain

Drop the freeness campaign

More work more gain

We are engaged in a battle, of

which we shall know no defeat

Poor people too are this battle's

assets ... They own and run the


Make your desire your intentions

And your intentions your actions

Don't import the invaders

Demand your ownership

And be adamant about this ...

Possess your own cultural


Never limit yourself to one opinion,

the true test of a first-rate mind

Is the ability to hold two

contradictory ideas, both at the

same time ...

Don't settle for less ...

Let your ambition signify

your worth

Shoot for the heavens; if you


You'll land on planet Earth

Know no boundaries

Cease all limits

Be a real-life winner

Dispense with all gimmicks

Be a long-term investor

Avoid all short cuts

Retain humility when your

portfolio goes up

And remember, always remember

Let your ambitions become your


Shoot for the heavens; if you


And only if you miss

You'll land on beautiful mother,

planet Earth.

 - Gareave