Thu | Oct 6, 2022

Take another approach

Published:Thursday | March 11, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Lately, there has been continuous tackling of teachers about them not doing enough to improve the pass rate in mathematics. The minister of education spoke about how teachers were doing little for the students and the subject and maybe they should import math teachers from overseas.

I do agree that the pass rate in mathematics is very frightening, but bringing in teachers from overseas to do what our own trained math teachers can do is ridiculous! The minister needs to take into consideration that these teachers are working with limited resources and they are doing the best they can in preparing these young, distracted minds for a global society.

The solution to this problem is easy, Mr Minister. All you need to do is give the teachers more resources for the classroom. More money should be pumped into the sector by providing teachers with the equipment they need to help our students. Also, give students the free access they need to information and resources to help themselves, considering that information changes rapidly every day.

Mr Minister, if you think bringing in teachers from overseas will solve the problem, think again. This will only add more strain to the education problem and leave little or no money for improvement and upgrades.

I am, etc.,