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Published:Thursday | March 11, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

'Dudus' affair

1. Many are bothered by the decision of the prime minister to elevate the current discussions about the 'Dudus matter' to the Office of the Prime Minister. They argue that the matter should have been left to the justice minister or the attorney general to handle. They feel his intervention has demeaned the office!

Cool divorce

2. The divorce was far more amicable than was anticipated, with 'wifey' walking away with the matrimonial home and a whole lot of other goodies, and the booty still to be divided. Friends say it's for the years she spent ignoring his carryings-on and the many offspring sired outside of their union.

Nightclub thrashing

3. Some are saying it was the Jamaican equivalent of a George Michael. But the Jamaican offender, who had sidled up to a fellow patron in the men's room of the popular nightclub, was not so lucky, as he was given a thrashing and then kicked out of the establishment. He is now at home licking his wounds, the wife none the wiser.

Question time!

4. Birds of a feather? Both claim to have returned from abroad with numerous contacts and expertise. Both are relentless self-promoters, jockeying for all kinds of positions. Now, there are serious questions surrounding their bona fides, and their supposed accomplishments.

Caught! Caught!

5. The plan was to get the wayward husband to stay home, so the wife and a friend trailed him to the home of his mistress and waited outside until he was settled inside. Then they drove away his car in the wee hours of the morning. Hubby got up, found his car missing and reported the matter to the police. When the car turned up mysteriously, hubby did his own investigations, which pointed to the wife as the prime suspect. He has now moved out of the matrimonial home!

Jumped or pushed?

6. Word is that the 'consolation prize' - the job offered to compensate the one first tipped then passed over in favour of the old crony - was not all it was cut out to be, and so the talented one has gathered his marbles and moved on. Some are asking, did he jump or was he pushed?

What's this?

7. News that three very high-ranking officials tried muscling their way into a legitimate business recently by visiting the owner and demanding a third of his lucrative business is causing jitters in some sections of the business community.