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There is much good out there

Published:Friday | March 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Novelette Forde, account executive at The Gleaner Company, presents a cheque to Gregory Wint, national director of the SOS Children's Village Jamaica, in support of the Haiti earthquake relief fund. The effort, spearheaded by Sophia Davis-Johnson, display coordinator in The Gleaner's Advertising Department, was aided by the employees of the company. SOS Children's Village, Haiti, houses approximately 400 children. -Contributed

Hi neighbour! Let's be thankful that despite the negative attitudes and destructive dispositions of some, there are always those who will help to mend lives and pick up the pieces.

A young rape victim had to flee her home in the country in fear of her attacker. Not long after taking up residence with a close female relative in another parish, she became a victim of another type of abuse. She was instructed to abort her academic ambitions and find a job in order to pay rent, etc.

She did find a job and started to help with the bills. However, she wanted to continue with her education but was unable to pay her way. Desperate to find help, she called our office and shared her story. Knowing that someone would want to help, we published her case, and yes, an adult neighbour offered to help this young neighbour. Today, she is on a path to achieving her goals. We breathe a sigh of relief with her.

No one can convince me that we are not surrounded by a lot of good hearts. We have tested the waters in other cases and found people who believe themselves to be their brothers' keepers.

We are asked by the Creator to "love our neighbours as ourselves and do unto others as we would have them do unto us." Common sense tells us that that is the simplest and best way to live here on earth. We are really the arms and legs of one another and when we amputate ourselves, our usefulness is compromised and life becomes unbearable.

Silton Townsend, author of 'Hello Mi Neighbour', is best known for his portrayal of 'Maas Gussie' in the once-aired local sitcom 'Lime Tree Lane'.

Thanks to these neighbours

1. James, St Catherine, for donation of children's clothing.

2. Fay, St Andrew, for helping Lorraine, St Andrew, with shoes for her girls and boys.

3. Sylvester, Kingston, for offering substantial assistance to Simone who met upon hard times.

4. Charmaine, St Catherine, for financial donation to her neighbour.

5. Suzanne, St Andrew, for demonstrating neighbourliness to Natasha, St James, by giving her a sewing machine to start a micro business.

6. Ms Tyrell, St Andrew, for a financial donation to our initiative.

7. Joyce, St Andrew, for offering a sewing machine to Sharon, St Catherine.

8. Dorraine, St Catherine, for offering female clothing to a needy neighbour.

9. Mrs Williams, St Andrew, for offering clothing to an entire family.

10. David, St Catherine, for offering business opportunities to some of his neighbours.

Opportunities to help neighbours

1. Ms Morris, St Catherine, mother of five, asking neighbours for help with second-hand furniture, food and bedding for herself and children - ages 14, 13,11, 7, 3.

2. Ann-Marie, Clarendon, who is six months pregnant, asking for clothing for baby; also in need of food and clothing for self and other children aged 5 and 11/2.

3. Heather, St Catherine, self and husband, are unemployed; asking for a bed for a family with three children.

4. Maureen, Kingston, asking for a dresser for a relative in the country; just had a baby whose father is not working.

5. Shelly-Ann, St Ann, wants to sell bag juice, etc., to help with sons' schooling; asking neighbours to assist with start-up capital?

6. Neighbour, Kingston, recently separated from her husband; she's trying to start from scratch and needs a bed.

7. Shopkeeper, St Catherine, whose husband is unemployed. Things are on the downturn; requesting food products such as flour or rice to start a small business.

8. Ms Lee, St Catherine, asking for a sewing machine which can help to change her fortunes.

9. Mr Lewis, St Andrew, unemployed father, needs help to send his son to school.

10. Myrna, St Catherine, asking for extra large clothing for church.

11. Neighbour, 88, and unemployed; asking neighbours for a Bible with large print.

12. Shauna, sisters living together, unable to find jobs; have no furniture. Asking neighbours to assist with a few well-needed items.

To help, please call 906-3167, 884-3866, 373-7745, 299-3412 or email and we will make the link. Those who desire to help us with our financial obligations may make deposits to account 351 044 276 at the National Commercial Bank. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to HELLO NEIGHBOUR c/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10.