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Wanted: gov't of integrity

Published:Friday | March 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

It is interesting to note the position that this government has taken with respect to issues of substantive law. They, it seems, have drawn a stark contrast between criminal procedure and obligations under contract; the above said in reference to the extradition request for Christopher 'Dudus' Coke and the salary negotiation issues with the nurses.

On the one hand, the Govern-ment has contended that Mr Coke ought not to be extradited to face criminal charges in the United States because, procedurally, they are not bound to comply with such a request if the evidence on which the request rests was unlawfully obtained. Whether this is an obfuscatory ploy or not is not within the remit of this letter.

Lawful contract

However, consider the issue of the recent handling of the nurses' salary payments. The Government contends that it simply cannot abide by the terms of the lawful contract which was lawfully drawn and made legal by the signatures and intentions of both parties. Citing various reasons which are external to the contract, they are seeking to evade their responsibility to give effect to the terms of the contract.

This conduct begs the ultimate question. How can we repose confidence in a government which does not have an honourable, invariable and equal approach to the laws of our country? We need a government of integrity. We must no longer accept abuse of position. We must respect law. Only then will we return to a society of decency and order; that society which has now become the substance of the distant memories of my grandparents.

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