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Fix the system and hang them

Published:Saturday | March 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I write with regard to Denroy Palmer's March 8 article 'Hanging is not the answer' in mind, but foremost with concern for the lives of the thousands of people who have been killed on a yearly basis without reason. The letter writer expressed disappointment in advocates of hanging from a moral perspective and asked: 'How can pastors support hanging?'

When killers roam rampantly, murder without fear or trepidation, with what appears at times to be distinct perverse pleasure, one has to consider who is worse, the cold-blooded murders or the individuals who condemn advocates for a termination of their earthly existence?

For the biblically inclined, the law of Moses decreed "an eye for an eye". I suggest that these are similar times. Similar laws should apply. We should not cower behind claims of a higher moral standing while bullets are pumped into hard-working productive citizens because another individual decides "mi feel to mek a duppy".

I do not purport to label human rights personnel as 'criminal rights activists' as some have, for they have done much good work and are a necessary component of any social construct. I do, however, suggest that they should keep their ears closer to the ground towards being more informed of the happenings on the 'corner'. Then, perhaps their reaction would be more consistent with the idea of justice which they seek to advance.

The solution

Palmer speaks well when he says that "the solution to our murder rate therefore lies not in hanging, but in the guidance of the youth, even at the risk of becoming unpopular. If we guide them into being forgiving, there would be fewer murders". But he should wake up to the reality that there are persons who are beyond the scope of guidance. They do not want to be guided and are not open to guidance but feel justified and are determined in their quest to kill. One of the state's primary function is the protection of its citizens; consequently the state should be equally resolute in combating the mentality which exists in many of our youth, which a current member of parliament accurately recognised as "irredeemable".

Hanging might not be the only answer but surely the least we could do is re-enact its terminal and preventative effect. The call therefore is undertake swift reform of the justice system, and then hang them high !

I am, etc.,