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KELLY'S WORLD - Cricket and the Cabinet

Published:Monday | March 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM
West Indies captain Chris Gayle
Prime Minister Bruce Golding. - File

While watching the West Indies struggle in some of their recent matches (again), I started to compare them to another 'team'; the Cabinet.

I decided against trying to speak to failures and successes, though. I wanted something different. Then it hit me. Since both teams are going through very rough patches, I started to wonder just how well members of the Cabinet would look as a cricket team.

It makes perfect sense to me. We're all Caribbean folks here and we love cricket. Plus, there are certain traits in each Cabinet member that I think would be useful in the various positions in a cricket team. If we're going to follow the natural order of leadership, Prime Minister Bruce Golding would open the innings, a la Chris Gayle. He wouldn't pose an intimidating figure like Gayle (the latter being a six-footer) but being a birdshooter, Golding's eyesight should be pretty decent to see off the opening bowlers. Dr Ken Baugh is the deputy prime minister and so, again going by the natural order, would be down the other end. He is a steady player in his own right.


James Robertson and then Daryl Vaz would be in next, the Sarwan and Dwayne Bravo of the Cabinet line-up. They are young, vibrant, want to play, and have plenty of potential. The lower middle order needs older, more experienced heads to anchor the batting. Step forward Karl Samuda at number five. Having also bat on the People's National Party cricket team, he definitely knows his way around a pitch and can even give you a few overs of medium pace. Mike Henry, another solid contributor over the years, would be in next. Either could also be called on to open. But their main job is to steady the ship if the first four got out cheaply. Coming in at number seven would be the wicketkeeper, who, for me, would be Dr Chris Tufton. Like the position entails, he's sure-handed and looks like certain, helpful runs.

The tailenders/bowlers practically pick themselves. You need gents with fire to stand up to opposition. Ruddy Spencer, Pearnel Charles and Audley Shaw seem to fit the bill. Every side needs a good spinner and Dr Horace Chang gives you that complementary change of pace. The reserves? Dwight Nelson would be the 12th man as a dependable all-rounder (also reserve 'keeper). Andrew Holness would be cover for Robertson or Vaz, while Olivia Grange could bolster the middle. Edmund Bartlett, the ultimate teamster, would be team physio and Dorothy Lightbourne's attention to detail makes her team statistician.

So there you have it. Not a bad squad I think. Now, who's gonna coach?

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