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FE-MAIL TIES - Abundant giving

Published:Monday | March 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM

D-Empress, Flair Writer

The first few months of 2010 reveal that the hunt for abundant living is ON! Everywhere I turn, I hear women gleefully recounting how this year is 'It'. At a recent dinner party, I heard, often, how it's time to cash in (quite literally) and release the pause button on abundant living. I couldn't agree more.

Most women were clearly speaking in the future tense and designing their future based on their dreams of abundant living. So far, so good. Question is, how to get there.

Many women retorted that they will simply claim it. Good start, but I began to feel like we were skating on thin ice here. Almost as if by simply saying it and repeating it loud and often would 'magic' it into being. Surely, there's more to it than that - or is there? It was another comment that caught our attention. Jenny, petite, glowing and mother of four said; "I will simply give more and by giving more I will receive more. It's universal law!"

Her evangelical retort was met with disdain. On enquiring what kind of giving and how much more, all the examples Jenny cited involved time-consuming activities. Other women around the table balked at the thought.

Far from being dismissive, they were more confused that we could be exploring such a line of thinking. Their reasoning was that, time or the lack of time, rates amongst one of the highest ranking challenges for urban women living across the Diaspora.

Conversation upshot

So, if we're time-poor (as one shaven-head sister pointed out), just how would it be possible to give even more? Jenny was still pondering her answer as others chirped in with their two cents' worth.

The upshot of the conversation was that 'giving more' was a ludicrous suggestion. Ironically, plans to work harder, get a salary raise (even in this economic climate) study and still maintain our family duties triumphed as the tangibles. Ironic because all of the above also require time. So, why was Jenny's suggestion irreverently ousted?

Now, we're all familiar with the saying: 'give and you will receive' but, seemingly, the notion of giving and receiving is a difficult one in our multifaceted lives.

Cultural context

Depending on the cultural context, giving more could simply mean being more available and present.

On this side of the world, the most precious gift you can give is that of your time. Visitors are regarded as blessings for the home and will always be given priority.

Gifting visitors with fabric, money, jewellery and the like is an expression of appreciation. Time is a highly valued commodity. Bemoaning the lack of time is viewed as a highly selective choice that we make because, in the final analysis, it somehow prevents us from stepping up to the plate!

So, clearly the opportunities to be able to increase our abundance capacity by 100 per cent are linked, not only to our intention, but also to the time we are prepared to give in order to receive.

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