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Would it matter if he/she slept around

Published:Monday | March 15, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Nashauna Drummond, Lifestyle Coordinator

Would it bother you if you found out how many persons your partner slept with before you? Flair took on the issue and found that most women don't mind, once it's in the past.

But for the men it's a different story. According to Alex, "It does matter ... I don't want a 'loose' girlfriend. She should not have a problem with how many girls I have slept with. If I told her, then it would be too much information."

Bettyis of a different view: "I don't think it really matters to me just as long as he it is in the past and he is open about sexually transmitted infection, etc." There seems to be a double standard where women are expected, for the most part, to be 'chaste' while men are allowed to get 'experience'. Some men explain it away as pride. "It's a pride thing," explained Courtney"I would not want to be walking around and guys are looking at me like I'm walking with leftovers. Men teach their sons to be men and go out and get 'experience', but the women don't mind as they want their man to have experience."

Andythinks its hypocritical the way men who sleep around a lot are viewed versus women. "My view is that it does not matter. The fact of the matter is that men, in general, do not like when their women have slept around a lot, but men do the same thing, which is hypocrisy. We should be more concerned about the here and now. However, one should have wisdom, make sure that you and your partner go and take medicals to ensure that no disease is there waiting to erupt."

Men think a woman is depreciated the more men she has been with; so why can't women get the same 'experience' men are allowed to have?

"Truth be told, we'd all like to hear our partners had only one before us. For me it all comes down to the light I see her in; it really doesn't matter as long as that past has no stain on the present," notes Errol.

Bryan sees the societal impact. "Society places men in one role and the women in another. That's a bit strange and unfair. Both men and women should be looked at in the same way. History provides an insight into possible behavioural trends and one can look at the effects of past actions on future behaviour. We all like to make informed decisions."

Women are socialised to continue the examples of the past, and most women try to limit the number of men they have slept with to a number they can count on one or both hands. But to what end? Would it bother you how many people your partner has been with before you?

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'The fact of the matter is that men, in general, do not like when their women have slept around a lot, but men do the same thing, which is hypocrisy.'