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Hypocrites, near and far

Published:Tuesday | March 16, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Official society subscribes to the hypocritical United States 'war on drugs', so it obediently signs every protocol thrown its way to facilitate 'the war'. The reality is, however, that making drugs (coke and ganja) illegal doesn't stop some sectors of official society from using the state as a cover to carry on such primitive capital-accumulation activities.

Just as some drug dealers and gun smugglers are caught, there are many more who are allowed to keep on going according to the politics du jour.

Some of us laughed at the previous police commissioner - who, on the eve of his departure, blasted politicians for hugging up criminals - because we thought he was just trying to find an excuse for his failures. He was a failure for sure, especially for not bringing to book those politicians he knew were hugging up criminals, but he clearly wasn't just talking off the top of his head. Was he privy to wiretaps?

The main point, finally, is that the 'Dudus' affair shows how thoroughly corrupt are certain sections of official Jamaican society, even some who are protesting. The Americans are no angels either, and are clearly playing a duplicitous role in this Dudus affair.

I am, etc.,