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Rattray's wrong thinking

Published:Tuesday | March 16, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I am amazed at the arguments put forward by Garth A. Rattray in his column of March 15, 'The Dudus stick'. He is essentially saying that because the Government has not been defending the rights of Jamaicans as it should, it should continue to not defend their rights. Or is he saying ignore the rights of 'Dudus', but defend the rights of others?

This is confused and dangerous thinking.

I would say: "Now Mr PM, it is time you apply the same zeal to every Jamaican's rights as you applied in this case. You certainly are capable of being zealous about the rights of Jamaicans, so we demand that you extend that zeal to every Jamaican." Then hold him accountable to it!

Do not say keep ignoring the rights of Jamaicans because that is the custom in Jamaica. You could extend that argument to crime fighting, education, economic development and expansion, etc. Keep failing because we have always failed. That kind of thinking is deleterious to Jamaicans.

Give your head a shake and get back to your usual rational self.

I am, etc,