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Don't be nervous

Published:Wednesday | March 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM

You may not be prone to nail-biting nervousness in times of uncertainty, but the odds in favour of experiencing jitters before and during a job interview, even so, is quite high.

Fear of the unknown and anxiety about making a good impression should not be so great that you end up flubbing each golden opportunity presented to you, as you continue your search for employment.

Confidence and a smooth delivery will be added factors in your favour when you face individuals who are in a position to open the doors to your dream career.

The experts have proposed a number of strategies which can be used to achieve tranquility. The night before the interview, for example, it is advised you should get a good night's sleep, by going to bed early.

Other hot tips for a relaxing encounter are as follows:

Do your research and homework for the interview, thinking about your answers, and paying attention to the essentials.

Eat breakfast, even if your job interview is in the afternoon - it gets your brain working and reduces nervous exhaustion.

Do breathing exercises - take a deep breath through the nose, hold for two seconds and release through the mouth. Repeat as often as is necessary.

Think realistically. If you do not get the job, it's not the end of the world.

Hours before your interview, physical exercise is also good, because the body reacts with the release of endorphins. Make sure you have enough time to become rested and relaxed.

If you arrive at the interview still feeling nervous, try running water over your wrists in the bathroom and practising deep breathing again.

Think about something or someone that makes you happy. Enter the interview with a smile and use this memory to keep you relaxed.

Your interviewers may also be a bit nervous. Reach out and help them to relax with a tasteful joke, if possible.

Later, after the interview, you should do something fun instead of going home to fret about all the things you might have said or done wrong.