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Satisfying self-interest

Published:Wednesday | March 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I WRITE in response to the letter headlined 'Rattray's wrong thinking' published yesterday. I think the writer missed the point. If we believe that this stance on Christopher Coke represented the start of a new zeal on the part of the Jamaican Government to protect the rights of the Jamaican citizen, then I am sure that people like Mr Rattray and myself would be all for it, and we would be the first cheering the Government on.

All for self

Unfortunately, that is not what is happening. Mr Golding, of whom I have always been a strong admirer, is sacrificing the national interest on the altar of blatant political self-interest, expediency and garrison corruption.

If the Jamaican Government was really interested in starting to protect the rights of the Jamaican citizen, there are innumerable other cases they could have chosen to start with, and not one which gives rise to such a blatant stench of political corruption. I am not a fan of the idea of deporting your citizens to another country to stand trial, but the Jamaican state has enacted a treaty committing to do just that, and has done so with alacrity for a very long time.

I am not, therefore, persuaded that the stance on Mr Coke's case has anything remotely to do with principle or protecting the rights of the Jamaican citizen. It has everything to do with Mr Golding protecting one of his own in a most self-interested manner.

I am, etc.,

H. Edison Humphries