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What a disgrace!

Published:Wednesday | March 17, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I AM very concerned with the targeting of civil servants in the Armadale affair. Three civil servants have ostensibly lost their jobs. Major Richard Reese was demoted, Mrs June Spence-Jarrett reassigned and Alison Anderson 'forced' to resign.

I believe that anyone who is found to be wanting in their professional duties should be brought to book. However, where successive policies have made those jobs near impossible, only part of the blame should be laid on the civil servants. What of the policymakers who have a responsibility for placing emphasis on where change should be made?

What about policymakers?

Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) has defended this issue stoutly. They have called for the heads of the civil servants but have been really quiet about the policymakers. They stepped to the prime minister, perhaps strategically, allowing him room to have one civil servant demoted. The JFJ brought just enough public pressure to have the Public Service Commission, which the PM fought to appoint, fire another. The JFJ had weeks before forced a third person out of a job. They all forgot to have a look at the gains she had made in a terrible situation, as they unceremoniously walked her to the door.

Perhaps if it were another government, the JFJ would have asked the prime minister to resign, perhaps even the ministers in charge. In all of this, I still have not heard what is to be done with the children in lock-ups. I heard the prime minister take responsibility. Noble, but inactive. So what now? What of the children? Still locked up in untenable circumstances a month after the report was leaked? What a disgrace!

I am etc.,

Mark Meyward