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Embarrassed by the PM

Published:Thursday | March 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

The extradition issue with Christopher 'Dudus' Coke is an embarrassment to the prime minister and to every well-thinking Jamaican.

Mr Golding should tell the people of this country if persons have been extradited in the past based on evidence compiled under the exact same circumstances as Mr Coke's evidence and, if so, what's the difference between those requests which were signed and the request for Coke which has thus far been denied.

When he answers those questions, then the reasons for the Americans' shock at this request having been handled so differently will be fully understood.

Alleged evidence

Let us assume that Dudus will not be extradited. Shouldn't our prime minister - at a time when fighting crime is supposedly 'top priority' - appear a bit more concerned that the alleged evidence shows that a reputed criminal with international links resides within his constituency? Why is he so silent on reports which say that the Jamaica Labour Party-controlled Kingston and St Andrew Corporation has issued contracts in excess of J$100 million to companies associated with Dudus? Can he really support that or does he think the Jamaican people are too stupid to see what is taking place?

Mr Golding, we expected far better from you. We believed when you said you were turning your back on "garrison-style politics". We believed when you said you stood for less powers in the hands of politicians not more. What happened to your 'promises'? If anything, your stance, as much as you say it's based on principle alone, shows that in Jamaica the 'president' wields far more power than the prime minister!

I am, etc.,


St Andrew