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The real deal on KWL's vehicle hub

Published:Friday | March 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Grantley Stephenson, chairman and chief executive officer of Kingston Wharves Limited.


The Editor, Sir:

We are deeply disappointed at the level of false information contained in the lead article of your Financial Gleaner of February 26, 2010.

To begin with:

• There was no governmental intervention in arriving at the agreement for the establishment of the vehicle trans-shipment hub;

• KWL is not aware of any partnership with any Trinidad-based freight forwarder;

• The establishment of the hub was independent of other recent expansion projects at KWL;

• The new business will not be split with anyone.

Apart from being false, the above issues were not raised with me, and in any event I specifically said to your reporter that if she wished to obtain information relative to the trans-shipment hub, she could attend a reception scheduled for February 26, 2010, and I so arranged.

We are, therefore, dismayed that such a reputable institution as The Gleaner could publish such erroneous information and hope that in future you would check with us first to ensure that any report published is accurate.

Grantley Stephenson, CD, JP

Chairman and CEO

Kingston Wharves