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Joint Church/ State action needed

Published:Friday | March 19, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I humbly ask that the leaders of the traditional and non-traditional assemblies in Christ call an urgent meeting with a view to proposing a platform built on in-depth Christian principles to work harmoniously with the governing body and those of the Opposition for the resuscitation of our nation.

I am suggesting the following priorities:

a) An intervention with specific reference to restoring hope and confidence in our young men and women, simultaneously with a national early-childhood pro-gramme for the upgrading of the basic school system, whereby we seek external help to revolutionise the training of teachers for this sector.

b) Meeting with the productive sector with special emphasis on small and medium size existing and prospective players to discuss a national programme geared towards the deepening and broadening of the sector, for the recapturing of what has fallen apart, and look at new ideas which can enhance production for national, and export earnings of foreign currency.

c) Both the State and the Church have large tracks of prime residential, commercial and industrial properties across the length and breadth of Jamaica. It is my opinion that this is an opportune time for pooling of the skills that prevail within, for long-term development, lease and/or disposal that will bring billions of dollars in revenue, which should make a tremendous difference in our national life in general.

I am, etc.,


May Pen