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NOTE-WORTHY: Why bother to work?

Published:Saturday | March 20, 2010 | 12:00 AM

In Jamaica, if you work it's a problem, and if you don't it's another problem. What must one do? The Government tries its best at times but what happens is that the people who handle their projects are unfair.

I got a job from a parish council last year to paint a community centre which was refurbished, and was told we would be paid based on measurement. We we spent one month and two weeks doing the work and after its completion it took two weeks to hear about our pay. We were told that we would only get $40,000 to share among the workers.

I got $20,000, which is less than $500 per day, compared to the $3,000 a painter works for per day. When I asked about it I was told "a dat deh money dem lef!" What must I do to get the rest of my money?

- Sekoni Sullivan

aka The Painter

Cross Keys, Manchester

Reduce the number of constituencies

I agree with the last half line of your editorial of Sunday, March 14, about reducing the number of constituencies. One of my disappointments, however, is the brevity of our attention span and our lack of energy as a people to continue debating certain issues of critical national importance.

Certainly, this issue was debated in several forums and to my mind several erudite minds have posited that fewer parliamentary seats would be directly proportionate to a smaller wage bill for taxpayers, hence that is the route we ought to take. I agree.

For whatever reason, the parliamentarians, including Everald Warmington, along with the Electoral Commis-sion, have all colluded on the matter. The Constitution, some argue, stipulates a certain number of constituents per constituency. Now that some constituencies are oversized, by that measure, the option is to increase the number of seats.

This, I believe, is a lame move, especially as we are experiencing dire economic straits at this time. With the increased use of readily available technology, especially in so far as communication is concerned, I would prefer that we opt at this time to amend the Constitution to accommodate more persons per constituency and thereby also drastically reduce the number of constituencies.

- A.D.M. Forsythe

Guy's Hill PO

St Catherine