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Sunday Sauce: Dons and don'ts

Published:Sunday | March 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Oxy Moron, Contributor

I was beginning to get used to the non-appearance of a certain nurse lady on our local TV stations, but my contentment was not to last. It seems that Nurse Lady was not happy with a certain don taking up much of the spotlight of late. She was not going to play second fiddle to no man, no woman, nowhere. So, she is back.

The belle of the media has returned, with hair-don'ts and all, hogging and hugging the camera lenses and making doomsday predictions, including the second fall of the wall of Jericho. Hell hath no bounds, and a certain keeper of the thread-bag knows that Hell also hath no fury like a nurse lady's wrath.

In earnest prayer, she and her legion are, mired in spiritual warfare. They are preparing for the fall of the wall. Redemption draws near and the winds of change are coming. But Nurse Lady ought to make sure the hair-don'ts are tightly secured, because when the people make the shout and the wall falls down, a strong gust of wind might occur and we all know what could happen. Then, life on this 'Rock' would never be the same again.

And, talking about hogging the media spotlight, where is Kanye West, the original media don? I am missing him, really. Since his self-imposed exile, the recent award shows lack any real drama, except for the moment when this man was giving his speech at the Oscars, and his female colleague hurtled onstage, lite-rally pushed him aside, and proceeded to make her own impassioned speech.

Earlier at the Grammys, I watched with bated breath when the award for Album of the Year was being announced. It was Beyonce 'Sasha Fierce' Knowles versus Taylor Swift. When the latter was declared the winner, I was shouting silently,"Kanye! Kanye! Kanye!", but his coming was not to be. I guess he's still reeling from being called a jackass by the president. Someone said he was in therapy. Therapy? But that's for Paris Hylton, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears!