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UCC report: The law cohort

Published:Sunday | March 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The University College of the Caribbean (UCC) in conjunction with the University of London (UOL) External Studies Department, established the law cohort in 2003. Subsequently, the UCC has established a track record of excellence; exemplified by the number of successful participants and increased annual enrolment each year. Through the law cohort, the UCC facilitates easy access to the fruition of the successful acquisition of the University of London Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB), as well as the Diploma in Law. The latter has increased the UCC's Enrolment over 100 per cent since its inception and the combined programmes experience an increased enrolment rate of over 10 per cent each year. This programme represents the ethos of the UCC as an institution which endeavours to meet the demands of an ever-changing employment marketplace, as it seeks to facilitate the much-needed investment in intellectual capital, which is a requirement to thrive in the ever-globalising world.

Through the UCC/UOL law cohort, Jamaican students have access to a law degree associated with 150 years of international excellence. It is a programme which is both inclusive and diverse, with participants, upon graduation, qualifying to pursue careers as barristers, solicitors and judges in most jurisdictions around the world.

Widespread participation

It has a structure which facilitates participation regardless of time, location and even socio-economic position with a 24-hour virtual learning environment (VLE), provision of primary study materials and flexible payment plans. This is the University of London Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB), with which The University College of the Caribbean (UCC) is a proud external academic partner. The UCC offers a complete tutorial support programme for the prestigious University of London (UOL) Bachelor of Laws Degree; and is also a registered teaching institution for the UOL Diploma in Law.

The UCC law programme includes lecturers who are actual practicing barristers, solicitors, and mediators. They facilitate and provide support to the students who are enrolled pursuant to the UOL LLB and Diploma of Law. The study of law requires an independent commitment to reading, debating and critical thinking. These are the areas that are specifically targeted through the UCC/UOL LLB and Diploma of Law cohort. The UOL provides the materials, rigorous examinations and the law degree upon completion of the programme; while, the UCC offers participants the auspicious opportunity to become engaged in the study of law, and an understanding of the requirements that are necessary for the successful sitting of the UOL examinations. The sessions are interactive and facilitate a thoroughly comprehensive understanding of law - its sources, functions and application in society.

Consideration for other commitments

The academic programme is structured with particular consideration for those participants who may have other commitments, including work and family.

As such, the LLB tutorials are convened on weekends; the more involved Diploma in Law is taught during weekdays as well as on the weekends. Successful completion of the Diploma in Law is sufficient qualification to advance to the second year UOL LLB programme; or pursue a career in Legal Aid, or Legal Research. The UCC places significant emphasis on the accessibility, flexibility and quality of the lectures. There are several entry routes available through UOL; whether the participant has CAPE, a first degree, or other relevant recognized qualifications. The primary focus is vested in creating a learning environment complete with all the tools necessary for successful matriculation for all the students, from one year to the next, until the UOL LLB or the UOL Diploma in Law is achieved. This programme is especially ideal for persons with a serious interest in law, who want to be academically challenged, and who have a desire to attain an internationally recognised law degree.