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Let priests marry and be "normal"

Published:Monday | March 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I was christened in the Roman Catholic Church in Kingston, as a baby, and confirmed in another Roman Catholic Church in Belize, quite against my will, when I was still a pre-teen. I attended St John's school there and when I told the priest that I wasn't quite ready to be confirmed, he insisted that I do so or face expulsion. I have often wondered what God thought of that ritual.

Now the pope has sent out a letter of apology to all the victims of the priests in Ireland and that is supposed to set everything right? Isn't that simply wonderful? If every young Roman Catholic boy and girl would do what I did in those days, there would be far fewer victims of priests and bishops (and who knows how many at even higher levels) who are asked to live unnatural lives, and under the very normal pressure which the sex urge brings to bear on all of us mammals.

Serious questions

I don't want to belabour this point, but cannot close without asking these questions:

How many other victims are out there feeling too ashamed to tell? and

How many in the Roman Catholic hierarchy, at all levels including popes, have been guilty of these foul crimes against children worldwide and still go free?

If the pope wants his apology to have any meaning, he would permit the priests to marry and live normal lives, the way God intended. Think how much good their wives would do in assisting their husbands with the business of the Church.

I am, etc.,


Mandeville P.O.