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Something extra

Published:Tuesday | March 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Allison and Kristianna, daughters of the groom, watch the proceedings at the reception for their dad's nuptials at Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel.
Ann-Marie Vaz was resplendent and ready for the red carpet in this royal blue strapless gown. - Photos by Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer
The gorgeous Neadene Tufton.
The lovely Kay-Ann White (left) and Julette Fuller were kept busy all night ensuring that things ran smoothly at the gate for the annual Sankey party.
From left: Judy Sale, Nadia Mitchell, Lanville Henry and his mug, Norman Wright and Jerry Whyte pose for the money shot at the annual Sankey party hosted by Lanville Henry at Robin's Bay, St Mary, on Saturday. - Photos by Barbara Ellington

Sankey shindig

Droves of regulars with newcomers in tow journeyed to Robins Bay, St Mary, for Lanville 'Sankey' Henry's annual party and, as usual, it was a blast!

Shaw nuptials

Only family and very close friends were invited to celebrate the nuptials of Finance Minister Audley Shaw and Susan Duhaney. In honour of the newlyweds, they put their best foot forward.


Cutting down to size

1. It was supposed to be a wonderful homecoming. The visit had VIP written all over it and the long-lost son was fêted and duly awarded. But he didn't bargain for a 'nook-and-cranny' search when he got to the airport. And to top it all, he was yanked from his first-class seat for yet another search! Oh! The indignity of it all! He was clean, but somebody wanted to cut him down to size, it seems.

Getting on top

2. Whoever said "never look a gift horse in the mouth" knew exactly what he was talking about. Miss Lady is so regretting that she became the fêted one last year, now it has come back to haunt her, for there are some people who are always climbing on others to get to the top.

Depression time

3. The old fool could not understand why his children were upset when he started seeing the señorita. Now $7 million poorer and with no salsa on the menu, he is said to be very depressed.

Why there's no action?

4. Observers say they cannot understand why no action has been taken against the person who bought a sizeable quantity of specialised items which were reportedly stolen from a secure facility. At the very least, some say a charge of receiving stolen items should have been brought.