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Happy with the status quo

Published:Tuesday | March 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM


IT HAS now dawned on my dyslectic brain what many Jamaicans have long known - that the current and all previous governments since Independence all seem to love a backward and chaotic Jamaica. Yes, indeed, it is now apparent that the current status quo, and even a worsening Jamaica, is in the best interest of the current Golding administration.

Think about this for a moment. Of all the short cuts taken by successive governments, from the incessant borrowing from the International Monetary Fund as short-term measures to fill fiscal budget gaps, to the proliferation of firearm licensing, no government has ever taken the time to plan any responsible long-term policy to propel the island and its people forward. The current one is now following the blueprint.

Despondency rules

Yes, the politicians like a 'bad Jamaica' because they will continue to benefit in every way possible. If in doubt, look at the constituencies of the longest tenured statesmen and women, and you will notice the roadways in their areas of control are narrower, potholed-filled and, in some cases, non-existent.

Also, the water supplies have dried up and despondency among the citizenry has skyrocketed. Are these tenured politicians ashamed? Well, I guess this is a rhetorical question, especially when the debate of the meaning of sexual intercourse took up all of a week in Parliament last year.

We deserve better

I cannot help but wonder if our politicians are incompetent or intellectually bankrupt. In any case, Jamaica and its people deserve better.

Well, I may be a sentimentalist, because I remember a better and more decent Jamaica. I remember a Jamaica that was peaceful, friendly, vibrant, safe and full of hope.

I am, etc.,