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Controlling public broadcasting

Published:Tuesday | March 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I think the Broadcasting Commission should be commended for its effort to help radio to be responsible and avoid broadcasting material that can contribute to the corruption of the morals of our young children.

However, observing the trends it seems quite clear that radio is getting only a small fraction of the listenership of children. The individuals, who use both audio and video devices to broadcast some of the most offensive things on public transportation that children have to depend on, are the ones who have free reign, and our children are almost always exposed to cesspools of offending material, as they travel to and from school.

Expand its mandate

It is time for the Broadcasting Commission to expand its mandate to include all audio and video materials that are disseminated in public, or made public. In that regard, private individuals can consume whatever they wish in the confines of their private spaces but, those who are in public, especially on a public transportation, and do not wish to be exposed to such things, will have the opportunity to avoid hearing or seeing them.

Additionally, it seems to be high time for consideration to be given to rating Parliamentary proceedings at least PG13. It is really sad that one cannot get a chance to follow the arguments that are attempted to be presented because of the impolite disturbances and interruptions that seem to have become the norm. What poor example are we setting for our children!

I am, etc.,