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Has JFJ got it right?

Published:Wednesday | March 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Let us consider two girls, same community, same street, same school, similar financial resources. Girl One: studies hard, good social practices, an asset to the society. Girl Two: wastes educational opportunities and resources, poor social practices, a menace to the society. Girl Two, because of her deviant activities, is placed in a facility where (by Jamaicans For Justice's insistence) she will enjoy either an equal or a better standard of living than many like Girl One, who try to follow the rules of the society. Where is the justice? Is it pragmatic for the living conditions of those who have little regard for the society be given priority over the needs of those who in the face of many adversities, do what the society requires of them?

Children will cry. What the responsible adult does when the child cries dictates the subsequent actions of the child. It is the parents who will most likely hear the social cries of the child, thus it is the actions of the parents that will dictate the social path of the child.

It is absolutely right to call state officials to book. However, those most accountable for the development and well-being of the nation's children are the children's parents. Regardless of how many public officials are dismissed or displaced, justice will only be achieved when anti-social parents are made to answer for social injustice to their children.

I am, etc.,

R.A. John-Keith

Tydixon, St Catherine