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Security, No 1 priority

Published:Wednesday | March 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Sometime ago, I laid down the tasks that the Bruce Golding-led administration needed to tackle in its first year in office. Since then, the administration has scored in areas such as health and education, but has lost credibility where the security of the nation's people is concerned.

Crime has continued its mounting trend under this administration, and in earnest, it has failed the people of Jamaica, by not being able to satisfy the number one need of the people, which is to see the back of this monstrous wave of crime that has been scourging Jamaica, decade after decade, and has everyone gripped with fear, day and night.

The security of a nation's people is the number one priority of any government. And it is of grave concern to note that the enemies of the Jamaican society are criminals, who live right here, at home. What would happen if the enemies were from another country that enters Jamaica, at will, to create the same kind of destruction, and maim as our locals are doing?

Continuous failure

Any government that has failed to secure its people from fear has indeed failed as government of a society. Successive governments have failed to tame the monstrous crime wave that has been terrorising law-abiding citizens for the past 30 years. Continuous failure to tame this terrorist called crime is a clear indication that parliamentary democracy has failed in this area, an area that destabilises the mental functioning of the average person.

Absolutely no one is fully functional in any society that is gripped with the level of fear that Jamaicans have been coping with over the past 30 years.

If there was a civil war in Jamaica, there would be great optimism in everyone's mind that one day it would be over. So far, crime has evolved over the years, in the same way that technology has.

I am, etc.,

St Alburn Munroe