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The final slice

Published:Thursday | March 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

OVER THE last month, Food has been looking at what is almost a staple in Jamaican diet, bread. Here are your responses on where to get the best bread in Jamaica.

Hands down, the best bread is from Spicy Nice on Main Street, Brown's Town, St Ann.

I am telling you, Captain's Bakery has nothing on them. Take this from a person who eats bread every day. Their bread is soft and nice down to the last bite. This bread can be consumed with anything under the sun that you wish !

- Bread lover, Sophia

My favourite bread is from Holsum Bakery in Mandeville. It is unfortunate that its distribution does not reach Kingston, where I reside. The texture, flavour and smell reminds me of the '70s, and beyond, when 'bread was bread'. Today, there seems to be a compromise in texture and ingredients, which affect flavour and smell. Holsum bread goes well with avocado, cheese, corned beef, sardine, you name it. It is a great sandwich bread.

For the health conscious, try the excellent wholewheat bread that seems to be in limited supply from Nature's Treat. It is the king of wholewheat breads.

- Joyce

I enjoy wood oven, twisted bread from Switzerland. This goes very well with cheese, butter and fried fish. There is also hotel butter croissant (already filled with butter); it might sound a bit weird, but I love to have it with pear.

These items can be found at F&B 109 Limited, 109 Harbour Street.

- Shaienne Holman

The best hard-dough bread is from a little district in Maggotty, St Elizabeth. There is a little bakery called Sweet Bakery that has, for the past 30 years, made the best bread. It is operated by Patrick Lee. It is heavenly to get one of his bread hot on a Friday evening, crush some butter and cheese together, slice open that steamy bread longway and spread in the butter and/or cheese, close it, allow the butter or cheese to melt for two minutes, and then break off chunks of that delectable combo.

- Chupsie

I absolutely love the wholewheat bread at Jacks Bakery in Kingston. It's thick, rich, delicious and oh so tasty, you can eat it by itself. Plus, it's healthy and good for you!

- T. Mckayle

In Mandeville, there is this bakery called Top Loaf Bakery. The hard-dough bread, sliced or not, I could eat by the loaf, and the 'twist rolls' I could eat by the bag! They even make a wholewheat raisin bread. But don't think for a moment that because it's wholewheat and healthy, it does not taste as good, because it does!

- Jodi James