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US cries for justice, not 'Dudus'

Published:Thursday | March 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

As the debate rages on, we continue to miss the central and real issue, which is about justice, for the secondary issue of extradition, which is only intended to accomplish the central issue. Focusing on the extradition is to miss the point and the solution to the problem.

The United States (US) is not primarily interested in getting Dudus; what they want is to get justice and see justice done in the nation. The matter of 'ineffective justice' that allows other forms of evil to prevail is the burden of the State Department's report.

The belief that justice is not upheld in Jamaica is an indictment on our nation for which we should be ashamed and work assiduously to correct. The US does not want Dudus for his looks, it's for justice. If they get Dudus, what will they do with him? They will seek to have him punished to satisfy their justice requirement and when he has served his time, return him to us. Hence, the issue for US is not Dudus, but justice. The issue for us ought to be the same, justice. Our parliamentarians are quarrelling over extradition when they should have been weeping over their rulership of a nation characterised by injustice.

Evidence of commitment

They should be ashamed that an external power has to ask us to act justly. It is because the US has waited for years, hoping we would act with justice, not seeing any evidence of commitment to justice, they are now demanding it themselves to protect themselves and rightly so.

While I do not subscribe to the principle of extradition, as it contradicts the principle of justice, I fully understand why it is used and believed to be necessary because some nations will not act justly. On that basis, I have no quarrel with the US request. They are right because it is simple a call to the principle of justice in defence of that which threatens their own national security. We must respond in a way that satisfies the need for justice, while not violating citizenship rights.

May Jamaica not continue to be numbered among those nations that are not committed to the principle of justice.

I am, etc.,


Fellowship Tabernacle

Kingston 5