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Sandals' good Samaritans

Published:Thursday | March 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

My six-year-old son Ajay McKenzie had just started Boscobel Primary School in September 2009. He had been having a vision problem. In late November, the principal discovered his shortcomings and brought it to my attention.

Financially, we were in no position to get him the medical care he needed; needless to say, we were worried and needed help for our son. The principal called representatives from the Sandals Foundation to advise them of the situation and to seek help.

Shortly after, arrangements were made by Ian Spencer and Lyndsay Isaacs, representatives of the Sandals Foundation, for Ajay and I and his mother to visit an ophthalmologist. Diagnosis determined that he needed immediate surgery for cataract in both eyes. They tried to make plans for our son to do the surgery at the Bustamante Hospital for Children but the equipment needed was not working. They arranged another visit to an ophthalmologist and were requested to get a few tests prior to the surgery. When we got the blood tests, we were advised for the first time that our son had the sickle-cell trait, for which we now visit the health clinic for updates.


Arrangements were made for us to visit Dr McIntosh, ophthalmologist in Linstead. The surgery was planned for January 18. We stayed overnight at the St Joseph's Hospital. All medical bills, transportation to Linstead/Kingston and back to Ocho Rios were all paid by the Sandals Foundation and the representatives were with us all the way for guidance and comfort.

The surgery was successful. We are happy and grateful the Sandals Foundation, Ian, Lyndsay and the many persons who prayed and wished us well. Our son, Ajay, is back on track to maximising his full potential.

We are, etc.,