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Tape revelations in Kern case

Published:Friday | March 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Rodney Chin's digital recordings continued to be played during the Cuban light-bulb trial yesterday.

In one recording, made in February 2008, Spencer says that what Chin might have possibly said or will say, will not sit well with "Portia", "Bobby Pickersgill" and "Omar". (Portia Simpson Miller is the president of the PNP, Bobby Pickersgill is the general secretary of the party, while Dr Omar Davies is the opposition spokesperson on finance.)

Spencer asks Chin to say he saw good business ideas in the Cuban light-bulb programme.

Spencer says he is coming under pressure from people he has to "interface" with because of the accusations in the Cuban light-bulb project and based on what Chin has said.

Chin tells Spencer to relax and not worry about what he said.

Former co-accused does admit he told his lawyer, Valerie Neita Robertson, something about the programme, which was not in line with Spencer's requests.

Chin says he would not go to any of the hierarchy of the PNP: "Bobby" or "Portia" without his lawyer, and he would be a liar if he followed what Spencer told him.

Spencer tells Chin there is nothing he can do about being punished.

Former junior minister says he can understand the situation with the lawyer but that Chin should carry his (Spencer's) line of argument with other individuals.

Chin, however, repeats that he spoke to his lawyer and that his attorney could possibly have been the one who said to the PNP hierarchy what he had revealed.

At the end of the tape, Chin says he did not know that the companies he was involved in were doing "government work". Spencer and his former assistant, Coleen Wright, are alleged to have benefited improperly from the implementation of the Cuban light-bulb programme. Spencer is on nine fraud-related charges while Wright has been slapped with six.

The case continues today.