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Cut costs,not jobs

Published:Friday | March 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM


IT HAS been stated by the Government that by reducing the workforce in the public sector, Jamaica would see a more efficient public sector in action. This is a false assumption. It is the responsi-bility of any government to provide work for its people. Government is not here to make a profit but to see to the survival of its people. There are other things the Government can do to save money other than reducing the workforce.

Vehicles assigned to ministers of government should be monitored by the auditor general by the use of a daily logbook that indicates the trips made; whether these are for official business and also the usage of the fuel and other maintenance costs.

Unused vehicles

There should be a proper monitoring of the fuel credit card for the vehicles. Vehicles found to be uneconomical to operate should also be disposed of immediately. Across Jamaica, there are many government vehicles parked at garages and government departments for years. Some of these could be sold.

Drivers and officials using government vehicles to do unofficial 'work' should pay for fuel or any damage to vehicles.There are many things within the public sector to adjust, other than cutting jobs.

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