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LETTER OF THE DAY - Capital punishment by firing squad

Published:Saturday | March 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Increasingly, our children's childhood is becoming endangered. Just about each week, there is the heart-rending news of yet another child being molested in some way or form, usually sexually.

With this week's news of yet another child being raped, a burning desire for some form of immediate justice flares in my chest. This case, however, of the GSAT candidate being raped, beaten unconscious and buried (presumable dead) has fanned these flames to a raging inferno.

Our death penalty by hanging seems to be no more than mere lip-service akin to the ever popular "It is my intention ... " sign displayed on rum bars across our country.

If possible, I would like to see our corporal punishment version changed to that which uses the services of a firing squad - with a twist.

One: The target would not be restrained on to a post, but instead be let loose in an enclosed square acre of land. Two: The perpetrator would suffer the dread of his life in imminent danger. Three: Onlookers would be allowed to witness the finality of the perpetrator's crime. Four, as a deterrent to crime I am sure this live display of justice would serve as a deterrent - if only to at least witness of this justice!

With this approach to the meting out justice, I feel if properly and regularly adminis-tered, perpetrators of acts would become an endangered specie!

I am, etc.,