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NOTE-WORTHY - Kudos to Bartlett

Published:Saturday | March 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM

  • Kudos to Bartlett

Ed Bartlett should be commended on his optimism for the tourism sector when most persons were predicting doom and gloom. Great work Mr Bartlett. Your hard work and vision are paying off.

Jamaicans, let us all stop the complaining and work hard as we play our part in the development of our nation by eating what we grow.

Rebecca Bryan, Duncans PO, Trelawny

  • When change comes

We don't have to watch for swallows and warthogs to know when spring will come with change for Jamaica. We'll know when we can count the number of consultants and funeral parlours on one hand. We'll know when the 'great companies' return to our shores and big companies start packaging their chicken soup and coconut milk here.

We'll see the garment factories coming back and re-employing some skilled hands that have remained idle. We'll know when the heavily advertised Yellow Pages are printed in this country and not in an offshore republic.

We'll know the change has come when our children wave Jamaican flags that are not made in a foreign country. The children will feel better, I believe, when their textbooks, now bending their backs, are printed in Jamaica and not in the Far East. Watch for the change - the signs of the time.

V. Carnegie. Jamaica

  • Stay focused

The matter of a deal with the US law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and Mr Harold Brady's law firm must not be the focus of the Government at this time when other problems are facing the people of Jamaica.

It is so disturbing when you wake up in the morning and the news is about extradition matters. That is the first item that reaches people most times and shows no regard for the other pressing concerns facing Jamaicans.

Too much bad politics is putting the country into a worst condition and this has to stop. There are a lot of developments taking place in Jamaica despite the global crisis for which we have to give God thanks for. The agricultural sector has seen significant growth with the dedication of Dr Christopher Tufton and the farmers; the free user-fee policy in the nation's hospitals, and free tuition in the schools remain in place. So let us be thankful instead of complaining.

So I am calling on the churches to pray for the Government and the prime minister and the Opposition that unity may prevail in the House of Representatives, so we can have a country with strong politicians working on behalf of the people.

Robert Lewars, St Catherine,