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CNA head prepares for final shot

Published:Saturday | March 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM


Caribbean Netball Association (CNA) president, Kathy Harper-Hall, will stand for re-election next month for another two-year term before retiring from administration.

Harper-Hall, the long-serving netball administrator, said she had been in the post long enough and it was time for some young administrators to step forward and carry on the mantle.

She was speaking at the launch of the 2010 Jean Pierre Under-16 tournament here Thursday.

"I will be running for the post of president for the eighth consecutive two-year term and I think that is too much and I am still waiting for someone to come and say, look it's time you get out," Harper-Hall said.

During her tenure, Harper-Hall pointed out she had faced the challenges of organising developmental courses and seminars in the areas of coaching and umpiring, while ensuring the mandate of the CNA worked in harmony with the Americas Federation of Netball Associations.


Harper-Hall said coaching, however, remained a huge challenge in the region.

"We have to make some serious decisions about the area of coaching because it is one of the areas of weakness in the region," she pointed out.

"We (CNA) had a coaching scheme before but we sort of let it go for a regional programme and we have to come together again to see how we can address this because coaching has really fallen apart in the region."

The 36th CNA annual general meeting will convene here ahead of the April 8-18 Jean Pierre championships.