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NCU Bulletin: Exposing link between economics and religion

Published:Sunday | March 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The thought that religion should only be concerned with the 'soul's salvation' was refuted by Dr Eric Henry, associate professor in the School of Religion and Theology at Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Dr Henry was speaking at the annual K.G. Vaz Lecture Series which was held on the university's Mandeville campus on March 18.

Dr Henry delivered the keynote address under the theme, 'The Inter-relatedness of Economics and Religion', to members of the university family, the general public and Seventh-day Adventist leaders from churches across Jamaica.

He posited that most persons believe that religion should only be concerned with one's spirituality and not with one's economic exploits. "It is frustrating to hear people say that if you have nothing here on this earth, you should not worry but look for it over yonder," he said. He argued further that this notion must be dispelled from the minds of not only our people, but also from the religious leaders in our society.

He said that many persons seem to believe that Jesus relished the idea of poverty because of the simple lifestyle he led while on earth. Henry said that Jesus' concern for man's well-being was so great that he established an economic order before he created man. He said that God made every resource available so that man could be prosperous.

no reasonable separation

"There is no reasonable separation between religion and econo-mics," the associate professor argued. Henry said that since religion is a powerful factor that is vital in the creation of our world view and every aspect of the natural and social world, both frames of reference are inextricably linked because one prompts the longevity of the other.

Henry further stated that he believes we are surrounded by an environment of wealth and, as Christians, the only challenge with attaining this wealth is our inability to learn the principle of receiving.