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Cops conduct classes

Published:Sunday | March 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

TRAFFIC COPS recently conducted classes at York Town Primary School, Clarendon, much to the delight of students.

The team of police - part of the Jamaica Automobile Association's (JAA) Road Safety Programme for Schools - was a hit among 400 students from grades one to three who were buzzing with excitement.

Sergeant Andrea Clarke and her colleagues reminded the children of the proper way to use the road and how to behave.

"You must look right, then left, then right again, and when it is safe, you cross," the grade one students responded to Sergeant Clarke's inquiry about how they should cross the road.

"We talk with students in a manner that will ensure they grasp the principles of road safety," Sergeant Clarke said. "And, once they understand, they usually put it into practice."

In addition to the officers' presentation, the students viewed videos and participated in demonstrations about proper pedestrian road use. The videos reminded them never to cross the road behind or in front of parked vehicles; to walk in lines when in large groups on the road and to always use sidewalks.

Emile Spence, business development and research executive - at Jamaica National Building Society - who has responsibility for the JAA, said there has not been an increase in child fatalities since 2010.

"Up to March 23 this year, child fatalities did not increase over the same period last year. We are hopeful the numbers will reduce this year," he said after perusing a report from the National Road Safety Council.